MILESTONES: A Brave Future

MILESTONES: A Brave Future
Posted on 09/25/2018
Dr. Mark Miles during September 24 Community Meeting

We are in good hands.

That was what I shared with Treasurer Mick Davis, the evening following our District Community Meeting, Monday, September 24. I was trying to articulate the emotion I felt upon leaving that gathering. Dozens of people gave us the gift of their time – despite busy schedules – to work with our District to understand how they could help us build a Brave future.

It honestly warmed my heart.

Our District has the privilege of calling this most unique of communities our home; in this equally distinctive business we conduct – the business of helping craft a story of intellectual development, personal growth, and social responsibility for each student we serve – it was amazing to know we aren’t going at it alone.

Thank you to every resident who has taken the time to read our Financial Prospectus, asked thought-provoking questions, engaged in meetings, and assisted us during this journey. Thank you to every parent who trusts us to help author your child’s story. Thank you to every member of our dedicated staff making the magic happen for our students in classrooms, cafeterias, buses, auditoriums, and arenas each day.

We are in good hands.

In service to our children,
Mark T. Miles, Ph.D.

Photo caption: Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles at the Indian Hill School District Community Meeting September 24, 2018.