The #IHPromise: A story of making dreams come true
Posted on 08/01/2018
Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles

What do you want to be when you grow up?

In our youth, the answer to the question seems simple. As I grew older, my answers seemed to change … from scientist, to researcher, stock broker, historian, attorney, teacher, and administrator. No matter how many career paths I explored – one thing remained the same: My educators believed in my dreams.

A dream is a powerful thing.

It is what we aspire to achieve in our life. And many an American Dream – including my own – was built on a foundation of public education.

I want you to know, within the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, your child’s dream is more than a hopeful wish – it is our goal and guides our vision. It will be achieved through our continued focus upon learning, leadership, innovation, and service. The #IHPromise ultimately represents the outcome of the provision of exceptional and meaningful educational services in academics, arts, and athletics, and allows our students to achieve their potential … to realize their dreams.

The best moments of my day include witnessing our students and staff working together in the classroom, in the athletic arena, and on stage to accomplish goals. I have the opportunity to experience these moments daily, a privilege of being the Superintendent of Schools for the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District.

To be a Brave, one must strive for excellence with care, compassion, and respect for others. Each member of our team – from our teachers, to our administrators, to our bus drivers, to our support staff, to our custodians – has the opportunity to inspire, guide, mold, and mentor; that is our expectation. This August, when we welcome back 2,033 young scholars – we will be ready to craft a memorable story for our students, our parents, and this exceptional community we are privileged to call home. This school year, we will be sharing our story with you like never before – so that you have an up-close look at the magic that is created when a child’s dream is nurtured.

To all the educators who believed in me and my dreams, and specifically to Mr. Heaps who drove my bus in junior high school and later became my high school principal, to Mrs. Mathis who served me lunch, to Mr. Glenn and Mr. Lee who taught me the value of playing music, to Mrs. Sager who provided grace and flexibility, to Mrs. Ellis who saw the best in me each day, and to Mr. Williams who never relinquished his high expectations for me – I say a very sincere thank you. Through each of you, I found my answer to the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I want to positively impact children the way you positively impacted me … and working in education truly is my dream come true.

In service to our children,
Mark T. Miles, Ph.D.
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District