‘We need to care for each other’

‘We need to care for each other’
Posted on 11/30/2018
Awaken Project at IHHS November 2018

Inside the Indian Hill High School (IHHS) Auditorium Wednesday, November 28, a drum was set in the center of the stage with a giant video wall positioned directly behind it. It wasn’t your typical High School presentation; but, this wasn’t your typical High School class.

“We need to care for each other,” said IHHS Principal Jeff Damadeo. “Braves Nation is a family, and within that is the real need to take care of one another in all areas of our lives. We want our students to understand that we are all in this together.”


The Awaken Project delivered the powerful presentation on choice; built around a personal story and a passion for music, the two-man team of Joe Richardson and Jeff Mozingo taught students about the effects of heroin and drug use. The non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri, carries a singular message within this unique rock-concert style show: You have the power to say no to drugs, and to help your peers make the same decision.


“The power of choice is one that we own alone, but so often the world around us creates challenges and barriers to making the best choices – this was an event for us to address that directly with our Braves,” said Damadeo. “At Indian Hill High School, we are blessed with the best of the best instructional leaders and mentors for our students; this was an opportunity to reach our Braves with a message beyond academic learning – to create a moment for our Braves to understand that their social and emotional well-being is also a priority to us. We want only the best for our students.”


Photo caption: Indian Hill High School hosted the Awaken Project Wednesday, November 28, 2018.